Thursday, June 16, 2016

June Thursday round up

This week I've done some tidying, not least straightening a pile of records and while I was at it removing any that were worn and to which had been replaced and been for a number of walks.
As well, I  did some colouring which I shared with Papa Bear and chatted in littles chat on Tuesday and with someone else at Tumblr  for while.
 Millicent Bunny is the guardian of my stairs - yes really - making sure nothing happens that could be painful in her dress with frilly bits on.
I've had her for over fifteen year where I spotted her on a craft store loving her appearance although she does weigh quite a bit which you soon notice picking her up to vacuum the carpet so perhaps she oughta be on a diet? 
I should be studying this weekend unless anything happens in the meantime which should be fun as I believe Math is in this week coming.

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