Monday, March 21, 2016

All change!

If anyone wondered why I seemed to be not around for part of last week that was because I received a unexpected message inviting me out so I spent  a bit of time altering some arrangements and quickly getting my travel organized.
Some people may be more inclined to think "I've my week planned out" and leave such an unexpected invitation  be but to me sometimes you're better just going with it not least because ultimately your life is the more richer for personal encounters and time spent together. They're the things that really matter.
So it was with that that I set off on a glorious sunny Wednesday morning to get the first of two buses to get to the train station getting aboard the Black Country bound train arriving at Wolverhampton to change to the local train network.
Having arrived I was then met by Auntie Andi who walked with me for a short distance to her car before arriving at her house and getting changed into my uniform.
For me, that is a key starting point because when I'm with friends that's very overtly little/middle time when any kind of masking of that innate littleness that's always in me in outside public spaces is completely off from then on.
I give full expression to the whole middle with a little side of me.
That's when I'm letting out and being that 10-12ish girl, engaged in her playing, colouring and other assorted interests pretty much to the exclusion of much else although I never relate to people as an adult anyway (it simply isn't there) so effectively you keep an eye on me more as that child, correcting as necessary and I accept your authority as the adult in charge.
It just works.
I came down the stairs with my  Rag Doll and colouring book making myself comfortable as we talked about various things over a cup of tea which I was able to hold okay as the other week I spilled hot tea on myself which didn't do me much good and meant I had to change my clothes so the others could be washed.
We were joined later on by Matron who'd no doubt of approved of my attire, talking some more and showing her some of my art stuff before it was time to eat with some music from the early 60's and 80's on in the background as Auntie Andi has her music stored digitally and just selects a Playlist to play rather than putting cds in a cd player. I like that idea and usually play digital music stored by hundred on cards, selecting albums on my portable music player.
We had home made beef stew with dumplings and vegetables which was very nice - I like traditional stews and hot pots - and desert which the least said about cream the better cos it's a big like of mine!
After some talking and colouring on my part Matron left ready to get some sleep in the next day and shortly afterward watching some furry convention videos, I went to bed surround by Princess Sophia the First and lots of plushies. I don't think lots of techno stuff is settling when it comes to getting your sleep in.
After a solid sleep which just the thing Middles like me really need and getting dressed, I read a bit of news resisting the urge to kick Mr Osbourne the next time I'm in Knutsford for his awful planned PIP disability allowance cuts and the Tape users site before Auntie appeared with a drink and I got on with some more colouring while she dealt with important emails.
Andi cooked a full British breakfast  with fried bread and black pudding and egg which was super appreciated as that's something I only normally only have at weekends before she sorted out some work stuff and checked times for my trains back before I gathered my things up to make our way to the rail station.
Strange things can happen like we had a driver go awl at Birmingham New Street and when they found him we then had to wait for the signalman to gave his go ahead before we could move! Luckily it didn't mess up the connections so I had time to change from Platforms at Wolverhampton and a kind Afro-carribean woman helped me off the train before catching the one home which was on time.
The time I spent away did underline really why spending time together is such a important thing bettering time spent online and I'd like to conclude by thanking Andi for her hospitality and Matron for her company.

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