Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Imagine one day you were strolling along  having had some serious doubts about your life and this conversation started.

I could of given that answer having been wearing off and on female clothing since the age of 8, raiding the clothes in the wash and stuff due to go to refuse. That's because it's how I see me. Simples.

Well, I am a magical girl through that transformation.
I have always considered myself to be transgendered from the get go with many significant grown ups seeing the girl in me. Because of the effects from this mis-mash of male body (and expectations) and female self image my behaviour was somewhat effected having issues with self confidence, attempted self harm and near enough a nervous breakdown, I was under a psychologist for a period who picked up on my transgenderedness (though they didn't use that word then) but my folks can't accept this.

Following a periodic outbreak of cross dressing in adulthood, I resolved five years ago to do so on a daily basis because it was me and I felt I was beginning to understand the real me.

I am proud to be what I am. 

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