Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Monday edition

If you're like me you'll find trying to keep those items secure while looking out  and staying balanced  extremely difficult and need both hands for when walking as I need to hold on to things. That's the trouble when you have a physical disability like I do.
It is always more difficult if you are on uneven surfaces like our pavements here or when you are trying - I usually feel it's more struggling - to make you way around people when they're almost invisible to you and you have no idea where in that space your own body is in relation to anything never mind to try to get any one part of it to move at will purely from my mind. It's like control system for a car that's missing a  few connections.
Talking of connections the other day Marmalade got behind the dining room tv and pulled a few of them out so we were greeted by "No Signal" and the dvd play didn't work which involved a bit of bending to put everything back in again. He sure is curious!
But anyway it's the season of the Easter Bunny and Eggs so shortly I'll be nom'ing my way though them getting covered in chocolate

 This is one Mommy presented to me Sunday morning as that's Easter Sunday in the Anglican calendar for being good. I can see the dishcloth coming out if I get too stickified in chocolate!!!

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