Monday, March 13, 2017

Wrapped Paw

First off thanks Tracy and Sam R for your birthday greetings and no nothing Sanrio came this year although I can always raid the kitty for something or other!
This weekend was a kind of study weekend spend working on a collaborative project which was fun cos blank paper or areas on a word processor page usually make things harder for me to get started  so I put up some subjected headings and I found one bit to get started on and as if by magic, the rest in time came and was appreciated by the person I sent it to.
Expect the unexpected as in with the birthday presents  was something different

Yes, we had white and grey school socks, harlequin and pastel fashion ones and even cute fashion ankle socks before now.
Introducing now black long soft school socks as bought by my folks!
Maybe apart from me being a bit more grown up they're getting more to grips with what I feel okay in or like to play with which is a good thing imho.

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