Monday, March 6, 2017

Another 12 months around the sun

Say everybody, isn't just possible that someone has completed an twelve month arc and might still be twelve today? Stranger things have happened around these parts I can assure you!
Hmm, no better a way for this birthday girl to mark hers with something featuring her all time favourite girl bring forth a cake.
I went out to lunch with Mom and my older brother locally.

Given how old I am, I do get music as presents and this special  two cd version  of an album I liked whose original copy suffered from so-called cd rot making it unplayable is something I'll treasure with its bonus tracks.

This came out last year having a couple of hard to find albums in it and two I only had on download with card replica sleeves so is much appreciated both from Mom.

 Coming soon is this, a new colouring book as I've completed my Frozen one now and some Milk Tray chocolates from my Aunt.

I got three new books in the Nancy and St Brides series  by Dorita Fairlie Bruce to add to my collection which will be read, a W H Smiths voucher from a member of the extended family that can be used to buy a book with and reviewed plus money from my brother.


  1. Happy Birthday Joanne. I hope you have a great day. I tried to get on to GT to wish you a Happy Birthay there but I get an error message about a data base error.