Friday, November 25, 2016 R.I.P?

It was with some shock to find on Friday last an activity that had been a part of my internet life for a long time just wasn't available outside of the other business talked about elsewhere and still isn't available as I type this.
For almost as long as this blog has been going, was the first port of call not just for The Game but also things such as the busy forum where by design discussions were never 18+ which suited me as most adult conversations go over my head and don't really fit in my life, offered wallpaper and screen-savers.
They also has something I just adored, a oh so kawaii email with customization of the domains for whatever sanriotown character you liked  which for me meant I had a me email address that linked directly to things such as ecards you could people at Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas plus  cute stamps that you could apply to your emails too just as if they were actually letters sent between friends.
 On Friday I couldn't access the email account and found it was due to the Security Certificate being out of date but a week on it hasn't been changed. Many people had written on the forum about this, had even tried to email from other accounts the sites Service people only to get a auto responder and even the official twitter wasn't being replied to.
This morning in a email I accessed minutes ago they're saying it's due to a combination of system and server upgrades plus other other technical issues adding they don't have a estimated time for the work to be complete.
Looking around the signing up button was missing and people had been complaining you couldn't download the Game  from the site even but only from a independent download site that to me suggested this obviously was the last version developed in 2012.
I also noticed the number of the other features had been really trimmed back or missing.
All this was on top of last Decembers much publicized hacking of the sites database which impacted all of us.
The overall impression is that and Hello Kitty Online is for all intents and purposes dead joining other sites we used such as experience project, friends reunited, beststuff and the GeoCities blogging platform in the internet graveyard.

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