Friday, September 2, 2016

Rest day edition

Hi and for readers in the States happy labour day.
I'm a bit late getting this blog entry started not least with being poorly for quite a bit of the week and then busy with other things like the resumption of schooling on G.I., doing some background work for an activity toward next February Camp I'll be doing and so on.
It's a time a time of year associated with last minute return to school purchases such as pens and geometry sets through to school uniform which the recent closure of all BHS stores in the UK reminds me of as that was the first store where the whole pull toward buying actual items of uniform for me came from and it has to be said the quality of their stuff was very good.
I can remember buying lots of stuff around  this time not least long  socks and it would survive pretty much the heavy washing routines at home well
I am doing some tidying up tm stuff at various sites altering layouts, changing the odd avatar to spruce it up and help make using it for me a fun thing as with lots of sites you really have pick just a few you can be active on and given the changes that have occurred over the last year that's one thing I'd like to resume in a measured way.
I like to stay in touch with people who care about me more like my BFF and next best friend at FA rather than feeling everything's been dropped for those that are really keeping me just for themselves cos surprisingly enough I'm a social creature.

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