Tuesday, May 10, 1994

Clarissa explains it all

I've never been much for watching television generally there was never that much on which held my attention but recently I bought a used Satellite tv receiver and dish to use with the tv for some of things I do like such as the Children's Channel, The Family Channel and Nickelodeon, home of some great childrens's early teen shows

One show I like a lot is Clarissa Explains It All starring Melissa Joan Hart who plays a teen going you the lowdown on what is exactly is what from her bedroom headquarters with her family including brother, Ferguson and friends. It covers fun things to do, social situations and consequences which I struggle with.
 One thing that cannot be dodged with me is I never really learned much socially about navigating choices having not really had a teen upbringing and so this show is helpful to me as as it is for actual teens getting to grips with being given more independence.

This early nineties show was something I found helpful being a hybrid of a Tween emotionally and an adult in terms of a few interests and the law.

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