Friday, May 13, 2016

Top shelf edition! (Very SFW!)

Been a bit busy this week tidying a few things up, sorting  somethings I don't really use but are in great shape for charity and dusting -atchoo! - the top shelf in my room.
 Well when doing that I found something I hadn't mentioned before on here that is I just loved Sesame Street even when you get it with NTSC colour on our tv and 26th letter of the American Language (some of us spell from Eh to Zed!) for the characters and especially the message it put over in what could be  very selfish and commercial set of values found elsewhere.
Big Bird was one of my favourites from the show always taking an interest and a care in the people and situations which kinda rubbed off with me.
A few years ago my folks bought me this Big Bird plushie as they gradually are becoming more accepting of this middle/little side that's central to my life and I thought it deserved an airing.

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