Monday, May 23, 2016

Locked out!

Today's not as planned as the FA business has just gotten more complicated  as resulting from a cyber attack that is alleged to have compromised the security of everyones account  had we not had a lengthy outage it has been decide to have everyone go through a password resetting tool to change it.
Normally this is little more than just changing your password but FA wants you to a tool that is meant to go to the email you are registered at but a fair number of people are finding the request isn't arriving at their inbox. I've tried three times and it hasn't come through even though I have my original activation email there and can't recall changing the email details but it isn't working so I'll have to contact a human if they feel like helping out as I have a lot stuff there.
On the other hand I did study this weekend looking at capacity and volume for rectangles and cubes and doing a practice paper for English on Soccer that I got 85% on.

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  1. Jo, it said up to fifteen HOURS before you might get the e-mail, depending on the que, I'm guessing. I got mine immediately, and was able to change my password, and log in. However, I would wait until later on, and try your email again to see if it's arrived. If not, then I would resubmit the request via e-mail, it might have gotten lost in the confusion, so many requests coming.