Friday, April 8, 2016

A message from the Plushies

Been a bit busy tidying up this week removing magazines and the likes and  I thought I'd post about something we all like.
 First off here's Lil'Simba in his dungarees showing us his "Oh man I'm really chilling" look although he's quite capable of giving us a Rawr! when he's in the mood. He'd like to meet his namesake in America, apparently.
 Hello. My name is bunny rabbit as Joanne hasn't gotten around to giving me a name  which I think is a bit of a  swizz as she's had one ever since she was little (and she's not gotten any bigger xD!) and I 'd like a name please. Pretty please?

You thought Bunny Rabbit had it bad but I'm just called Bear even though I know she's gotten  a Theo IInd which is worse than not even having your porridge cooked on time which is shocking.
I think the girl was going through a bad patch when she had us, feeling depressed and just never got around to it although I'm glad she found us again.
I'm a girl bear and I'd like someone to give me a name so I can be a proper bear, like, so would you please find me one and let Joanne know? Thanks.

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