Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Monday Edition

It's still the Easter vacation as I write this so this edition is going to be about a number of things that kind of connect.
The first thing is I am continuing with my study which isn't by any means easy having just done a English practice exercise based on an extract from "The Sea Raiders" by H G Wells who I suspect writes above my innate comprehension level. The fact this is supposed to be set for 11 to 14 year olds may give you an insight into just how real my problems actually are and why it's progress that I'm sat at  desk in uniform doing this not throwing it back at you!
I've got a whole Math unit revision  to complete too based on all the work I've done so far this year before moving on Shapes which just to ensure I have a hope in heck of having gotten the foundations to get right.

The other thing in part connected to this is after a few delays with the  Chinese New Year Vacation season, a self fastening striped tie is here for junior me.
I did spend a bit of time watching dvds between noming the Eggs with Marmalade including Inside Out and now he wants to go out in the rain!
The other thing is a site I originally found many years ago ago finding about the World of Adult Little Girls making posts on and what made them so different finding a few people I eventually discovered had accounts at GT, sent a message to say it was going put on indefinite pause and inviting people to download their posts but sadly not any comments you made on other peoples posts or messages with no new members being accepted and not be able to log into it after April 21.
Most people I feel rightly are reading that as closure keeping posts up until their server  space is no longer paid for and it all goes.
Although it's owners have said the drift toward mobile working by social media users, often contradictory legal requirements from different jurisdictions to uphold and a lack of much need money brought about this, I feel and a number agree some things such as allowing teens in, discontinuing popular with core users story titles, tags and editing and trying to make it more like Twitter meets Facebook wasn't satisfying older users while also bringing newer ones in.
On the other hand, a delayed acceptance for another more agreeable site was received and more working on full form posts is likely from me which will be the the new life from the old.

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