Thursday, February 25, 2016

Think Pink!

Sometimes  you come back with things you didn't expect and I don't mean colds and the like but in the best traditions of Littles and Middles people do bring things with them that they either no long want or perhaps bought and found didn't fit or something.
Well at Camp there was a full rail of things from various people with their own stories to tell and in the best tradition anything is between you and the girl (or their Caregiver/Groan up) including paying up for things you want not Camp organizers and the like.
Way back in late June last year I did get a dark blue gingham school summer dress that I quite liked not least for how Junior it made me feel, which as far as I'm concerned is quite a good  thing and I had been thinking about something in a more classic pink.
Coming in with a few things on Sunday last was this one with two pleats at the front I like - I'm big on pleats - that caught my eye from Jillian which having put it against me, seemed to be just perfect so I paid her for it in notes of the Bank of Purrland.
That was the one modelled on Monday with a long sleeve t shirt underneath cos it was cold out of doors otherwise being Winter.

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