Monday, February 8, 2016

Studying in discomfort

Golly gosh so much rain this weekend that him who hacked my account on Friday been begging to stay in and use his litter tray instead!
On Saturday in English, I've been looking at the second bain of my written life the one below spelling which I'm officially lousy at and above structure, namely paragraphing.
You know I never really knew what they were for and this section left me thinking for like ages I'd thought a paragraph was the exact same thing as a sentence but seemingly they are not.
A paragraph apparently is a group of sentences talking about the same thing or follow on from each other and at least over in the UK in handwritten work you do indent the first sentence of a new paragraph whereas in typing classes I was taught not to!
The benefit of using paragraphs are that they show clearly you're writing about something new. It may be a new point in an essay, when you talk about new person or they speak if it's a story, if you're talking about a new place or a different time when people read your written work.
The section also looked  at how you link sentences together too.
I got 100% on the end test for that which included writing three paragraphs of a story to demonstrate your ability  to use them well although needless to say some of my linking words show Canadianisms.
As well, I looked at punctuation,something a person I know who helps  people stay on track but who also does private English tuition recognizes is a weakness of mine with the work covering capitalization, clauses  and phrases amongst many things.
Sunday saw the return of Math dealing with the efficient use of calculators and what the keys really do, like I didn't know what the +/- key was for(!), working out formulas which was very hard and  ordering Decimals which isn't like the Hallway Monitor bellowing at you if you're going to fast or not in line, which is something that sure happened at my school.
I got 100% in the first and last areas and just 66% with formulas but even getting that was a minor miracle compared  to how I used to be and shows just much changing how I'm treated and at the same time giving me proper support and guidance can help

I'm also working in some discomfort cos I hurt my small toe yesterday with the inward top bit nearer the foot hitting a hard plastic object as I lost my footing, getting up quicker than perhaps I should of, not really thinking. I'll spare you a picture but a small portion of is definitely bruised (it's black!!!) and while I'm a bit better today, last night I was limping on my right foot! This is not what I'm needing for later on in the week.

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