Friday, January 22, 2016

Red and Blue edition too!

In 1987, it was agreed that the World-wide cd release of their output would comprise of the UK albums and the US compiled but adopted Magical Mystery Tour album, to which a set of two discs that contained hard to find singles and songs not on the UK original albums, Past Masters, was added in March 1988. 
It was said with this you had everything issued in the bands lifetime.
On September 23rd 1993 the two 'essential' double compilations 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 were added to the bands cd catalogue marking the first time on cd five songs were issued in stereo.
In 2010 EMI/Apple re-issued on cd  these two evergreen double disc collections of the Beatles singles and best of the album works with improved notes but as with the previous years re-masters of the UK albums, they too came in card Tri-fold sleeves with no inners so your discs easily got scratched between two slices of cardboard.Most clever!
 I felt they were a bit better sounding than parent remastered cds.

Roll on to the end of 2014 and it's more general re-issue in March 2015, Universal/Apple Japan re-issues this set not just in the 'wonder' Shm disc material but as a actual mini lp with a gatefold sleeve just like a record.

'RED' as most Beatle fans call it  covers the early beat years through those landmark singles like She Loves You and We Can Work It Out  and the classic Rubber Soul and Revolver albums that showed maturity not just in their playing but in the subjects they wrote and sang about.

The second and just a bit better seller of the pair not surprisingly was BLUE as it could draw from the classic Sgt Pepper, White Album and Abbey Road albums that many regard as being essential rock albums even today plus a clutch of singles and their B sides plus many of the songs on the Magical Mystery EP (we had an Lp of that with more songs in North America!)
 Again it duplicates the gatefold sleeve of the lp and adds the 2010 extended notes booklet while on the reverse you get the titles in Japanese and information on the other Shm discs by the Beatles.
To me if I was to want these albums on cd (and I do have the 2014 analogue remastered lp versions which sound wonderful) going  from the chunky thick plastic jewel cases of the 1993 issue and the awkward card ones of 2010, these are much nicer
There have been some mix difference between lp and cd versions over the years and this post  on the2014 lp edition explains more:
Red and Blue edition

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