Friday, January 8, 2016

January random Friday edition

Hi it's the what's Jo gonna post Friday here edition after a few concerns about an Uncle of mine who's gotten severe progressive memory loss and having quite a laugh in littles chat on Tuesday.
 First off of the bat, Dad got a build a bear jacket for a bear and gave me the hanger expressly to put on the my door handle which kinda signifies the acceptance a Middle with a Little side lives here quite openly now.
 Mommy bought me some thick fleecy boots for the English winter, whenever that thing arrives so my feet well be as warm as toast and anything over the flicker of a flame being really warm, warmer than Marmalade!

Some of the outstanding Christmas presents  arrived after the combination of the Christmas and New Year vacations, not that I've ever had an issue with people like Postmen and women having proper time off and that plus with some coming from outside of the UK.
I'll write a bit more about each later on I think and I actually found a HMV voucher that had gotten lost down the side of a chair , unopened from Christmas day!

I had a couple of diaries 
 The slim A6 one is really for me to take to places such as meets and Camp as it is easier to carry and I can add things like activity times and note any chores I'm to do in whenever I'm out
The larger A5 one is more for at home use  keeping important dates and reminders in as one thing I do struggle with is organizing, remembering when I'm to do things and then staying focused so this more little/middlish ones should help me this year with it.

 As the week itself went, I went to the hairdressers Tuesday for the first time in the New Year for a cut and dry and generally speaking I've been very good this week keeping to bedtimes and following the rules. 
I also found out the name for the problem I have around hearing and being understood - it is apparently Auditory Processing Disorder - and it does tie in with developmental dyslexia which why it may of been overlooked when I was younger.

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  1. And talking of diaries, thank you for the calendar Joanne, :)