Monday, April 1, 2013


It's been a while since I said anything directly around presentation and the opportunities thereof so while I nom my Hello Kitty Easter Egg today and outside of chat I may not be around much tomorrow btw,  I thought I'd type this.
It is very tempting if you are either transgendered and/or an adult little girl to look at how other people may be presenting and maybe compare in your own mind them..
For those who are both transgender and alg these may cover such things as how much time you are 'out' in your grown up version (what I call "your big") and how much you're in your little side.
Some who (and with apologies as I loath labels) are more "transvestite/cd" may have their little side as the trans only side so won't have a big in the same gender as their little.
For me assisted by ill heath so effectively out of the workplace, I'm generally presenting in little mode - a dead ringer for the girl in this weeks picture - outside of visiting the general store etc and yes, it's what I feel most comfortable as. It also helps that Mommy can live privately with it (she's seen me in alg mode) to whereas there are issues around presenting as 'big me' (Androgynous is accepted, anything obviously feminine isn't).
If you're working then you may well be constrained by your employers dress codes (although you may get away wearing the odd thing that's IK) and what your co-workers can tolerate. As far as I'm aware dressing alg/ik in work isn't protected in law and may be seen as a disciplinary matter although it's better for them to give you a Warning first rather just firing you.
For those who are transgender who for their own reasons are still living with partners, the opportunities to express either 'big' or little may be constrained particularly if they have visitors.
For everyone it is going to be different and the important person in this is YOU.
Around presenting as adult little girls go, unless you're really into online video chat your time presenting at home will be a solitary one outside of our favourite sites.
Your options for presenting out of doors may be restricted by public visibility of your garden so your best options may well be attending an alg camp where you can socialize and generally have fun with others  or going maybe in 'everyday' attire out together to a show or a picnic which will enable you to put a name to face and maybe learn more about the people you encounter online.
Unfortunately presenting as school kids in public such as being in a park will only lead to police or public attention.

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