Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Times past and present

I've a little time to kill today so I thought I'd work on this weeks entry tonight instead of leaving it until later and I'll start of by thanking those of who read and remarked on last weeks entry.
One recurring theme from the last seven days has been how you can be transported back in time by such things as rewatching tv shows or  hearing and  maybe discussing such things as music as you recall people, places and events from that period that link in with your childhood. There's a phenomenon people call the 'Earworm' that enables to you recall the sounds and tunes when they are heard again even if it may of been decades since you last heard them. It may even be one reason people listen to and collect recordings from the past apart from the joy listening to music can bring.
I had a number of those moments this week listening to some downloads of albums I hadn't heard in eons like the Miami Vice tv album.
Then talking some more around the subject of schooldays and the notion of being a schoolgirl with a few people in a more personal way proved interesting for the similarities in what we get from it - being the child, the love of uniforms and structure, finding an inner peace and when we first realized we were different than our peers.
The observant will note its no coincidence the red sweatshirts shown are just like mine!
Of course this week something special usually happens involving Bunnies who Elspeth dear aren't only fit for soup or pies.
It's Easter which means lots of things from the deep religious side to the side that's often seen in stores this time of year.
The bunny should be dropping this off for me to nom at Easter!


  1. Shopping in Tesco today, I saw the Hello Kitty eggs and thought of you - wondering if you'd noticed them :)

    The first pop songs I remember hearing were the Kylie and Jason songs from the late 1980s. However, what brought back memories more was discovering last year on YouTube a series of compilations of 1980s cartoon intros - I didn't realise before how many I watched after school... talk about a wasted youth :D

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