Saturday, August 4, 2007

You're Always A Girl

Being a Little Girl later on in your life  is not the easiest of concepts to explain to people principally because people associate the frame of mind of the person to their age as recorded by their chronological date of birth  deeming some interests to be either child like or heaven forbid childish.
This scares the living daylights out of a significant number of people who hold on to notions of age appropriate behaviour not least because some forms may impact on your ability to function in the world of employment.  To me this could only be true if you were functioning at an infant level - think oversized baby - needing total attention and supervision but this isn't what I'm talking about.
I think most are familiar with the idea of the 'inner child' who many psychologists say lives on in everyone. The difference I would say is many of our likes remain at that level, we aren't necessarily comfortable with some aspects of 'adult' living and there's little collation between that and our IQ or general functioning.
To put things into context I've held political office representing an authority, contributed to and accepted responsibility for setting budgets  and programs whilst being a 'little girl'  because I can choose when to present the little girl physically and when I can use that to the advantage of society having an immediate empathy with children to help them grow up to be well rounded individuals though my work with various bodies.

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