Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pre blog II - Give me a school day

You know, that last entry has had an effect on me, making me think.
You see I've been ill for a month now with stress from this groan up work, working from home loads of ours surrounded by emails and reports to read and respond to.
Surrounded by them  I have bought myself schoolgirls blouses to wear at home because I've realized something and it is being at school with its rules, homework and so on actually was less stressful for me and I'd gladly swap places for all of that because I know the time afterwards is mine. While I'll ill, I'm going try to wear a uniform and follow some rules as I was happy to follow school rules because they kept me safe and I felt secure.
At the moment I've been working on things up to 10 o clock at night and this I know: I want out of the groan up world.

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