Saturday, December 26, 1998

Bruce Springsteen Tracks

I don't normally buy box sets as a thing not least it's not that clear if their a kind of oversized Greatest Hits collection, a rarities set or some strange mixture but this Christmas I had one that makes sense.
 Bruce Springsteen's always been a big artist with me and six years ago I replaced my record and pre-recorded cassettes of his by cds helped by a three for twenty pounds offer but Bruce always wrote and recorded more than just what came out officially.
Tracks is those songs often studio recordings but a few live recorded but not released or worked part way on and just left gathered up by him and the E Street Band some of which where recorded by others like Pink Cadillac that Natalie Cole did in 1988.
They're arranged into four well sequenced cds so they flow more like a 'proper' album and come with a long sepia booklet with full lyrics.
This has been a great present that will be treasured.

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