Monday, July 16, 2018

Classical sacd round up part nine - English Classics

After a months break from this mini series of entries within the blog I return with a couple of discs that fall under the heading of British classical music although they have their differences.
Gustav Holst is a composer whose work reflected his interest in the spiritual and mystical to whom one work alone his Planet Suite was started in 1913 and premiered in September 1918 in the last days of World War One. This work was played in this years First Night of The Proms on Friday, July 13th together with Ralph Vaughan Williams's The Lark Ascending on a WW1 themed concert. 

It is a matter of some regret however the popularity of this suite has caused many to overlook his may other works such as Beni Mora and on this arresting performance by Sir Andrew Davis  and the BBC Philharmonic orchestra it is coupled by the Japanese Suite.
Classical music has a great variety of genres within it such as Orchestral, Choral, Baroque but one  that has become established in the twentieth century is the orchestral movie soundtrack.

One favourite of mine is the soundtrack of Watership Down the 1978 animated movie based upon the Douglas Adams novel that I recall seeing on vacation that year which was originally issued on record and tape by CBS/Columbia.
It has a spoken word prologue and the whole of Angela Morley's score for it with the jazz syncopation in parts well performed  
This recording was remastered for Super Audio cd (playable on regular cd too) by Vocalion records here in Great Britain to a demonstration worthy style.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Peter Fermin: A tribute

(Picture credits: Kent Press)
It was announced on Monday, Peter Fermin, artist, puppet maker and the creator of Bagpuss and Basil Brush who worked with the late Oliver Postgate of Small Films had died aged  89.
Peter believed passionately in the appeal, the soul of traditional animated films and their puppets  feeling they had soul that appeal more greatly than computer generated icons (CGI) to viewers being more relateable.
There are many series he had a hand in of one one I feel on balance is the one most of us hold the greater affection for and that is Bagpuss, "a saggy, old cloth cat, baggy, and a bit loose at the seams" for whom Emily the owner of a shop that repaired and sold old things so loved.
Her affection for him remains a most poignant moving thing for me and many others who have seen the original series from 1974 with it's sepia toned introduction.
It would be a mistake to ignore his involvement in other series Small Films made  and that are fondly remembered such as the railway series set in Wales, Ivor The Engine, which no doubt was popular with boys or the Viking adventures of the Saga of Noggin the Nog.
 One which I loved to pieces was The Clangers from the early nineteen-seventies but with new series too  set on a small planet inhabited by family of small creatures called Clangers who share their life with people like the Soup Dragon whose Blue String Pudding and Green Soup underground.

The Clangers communicate in Clanger, a language using whistling something to which much to the annoyance of ones parents and teachers many of us used too and the series had a narrator who would explain what was going on while allowing the characters to communicate directly to us in Clanger. 
It was a peaceful co-operative space world so many of us loved in the era where man's space exploration was at its peak, eagerly followed by schoolboys and girls and also featured a musical tree that played music and an Iron Chicken.
These cartoons, in part Peter's life work were and are core parts of our childhoods I cannot say to hear of his demise doesn't make me sad, it does but thanks to digital media they live on able to offer something that more glossy more, commercially savvy series lack.
R.I.P Peter.

Monday, July 2, 2018

New and improved colouring

As you may be aware I do colour quite a bit and I did mention not so long ago I really did need to get a new colouring book  having finished off my "Coloring book for girls" one I had since last year.

It also is the case I do love Jacqueline Wilson's stories  so when I found out there was a colouring book based on the characters from them, that to me seemed just perfect as that just married up two likes in one.
I bought it because I was looking for something a little more of a challenge when it comes to neatness and having smaller areas to colour compared to my other ones so it would hold my interest being more for Tweens which as far as my regression goes is more where it is at.
I'm enjoying this one heaps.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Cardigans of the past

I'm not too good this week with bad hay fever thanks the pollen count has been very high here but as I'm slowly getting things together for being away next month, my mind was going backwards in timenot least with Mom talking about life when Gran was around.
Way back then it was rare outside of uniform stuff to be bought any knitwear because the one source of knit was Gran who had  big drawfull of knitting patterns she'd show you and the all important measuring tape which as regular as clockwork would come out.
Gran had a lot of the Sirdar ones and actually this pattern but in a wine colour wool was one she did make for me as I preferred cardigans although they'd be prefastened by Mom as I'm not good with buttons.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Hetty Feather's Christmas

Seeing the weekend was somewhat wet  here I decided this was a good day for reading a book and this is all about it.

Hetty Feather is thirteen years and a "Foundling" that's to a say a resident of the Foundling Hospital for children of 'fallen mothers' where children are divide by age range and by gender.
It is forbidden for a mother to have any kind of contact with her children so any kind of link however unofficial is highly prized even if for both it may be punished.
Hetty is with Shelia who snores like a pig at night and other girls of a similar age where through an unofficial link she receives a present from her Mom which she keeps safe overnight knowing that all she will have on Christmas day will be an orange from Matron and Christmas Duck dinner that contrasts will with what they'd normally have IF she behaves herself.
That morning she opens the present and find it is a small home made dolls house but then Shelia sees red quite possibly out of envy and in the the ensuing melee tugs at it breaking and ultimately ruining it for Hetty.
Hetty is devastated and very angry so goes to attack Shelia on the head leaving a broken cut that the commotion needless to say bring Matron Bottomley out and Hetty hits her.
Hetty apologizes which is accepted but finds herself being escorted upstairs to a dark cupboard with nowhere to sleep and just a chamber pot which she is to stay missing out on her christmas dinner or indeed any dinner.
Fortunately for Hetty, Miss Smith, a Governor of  the Foundlings gets to hear of Hetty's situation from another child and manages to get permission to take Hetty out for Christmas w here she consumes a much needed turkey sandwich before every at Miss Smiths including some children she is looking after have Christmas lunch and play.
Through the dialogue around the other children, we learn Miss Smith takes a more liberal approach to managing their children, certainly not locking them in cupboards and allows them to play and generally be children although if are really naughty, they will be punished.
The children take a big part in the Christmas games such as Charades where through mime the other teams have to guess what the topic is.
Although Hetty is meant to be returned in time for supper, between Miss Smith and Hetty they decide if they're going be in trouble for being out for long it may was well be longer so they set out in time for Hetty to go bed being prepared to tell a 'white lie' to explain why they are so late.
As it happens Matron it appears isn't much for sharing presents being the worse for consuming  all the Punch, being fast asleep.
 Hetty gets ready for bed for having the best ever Christmas present she could hope for without having to explain a thing.
What is more, in that time a remorseful Shelia has painstakingly repaired the home made dolls house, not perfectly , but good enough to be enjoyed that enables both of them to move on and be friends.
Shelia has clearly  learned what upset Hetty  more was she attacked a symbol of Hetty's mothers love even in enforced absence just because it was something she herself didn't have.
What I think is the strength of this installment of the Hetty Feather series, is how Jacqueline tells the story, explaining from Hetty and the children's viewpoint how Victorian society blamed their mothers for being born out of marriage and whilst clothing them, starved them of affection and the right to be children just been seen as objects to be trained to be of service to others.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Caregiver/little Age Regresion

It is a while since I wrote anything around age regression and one reason is connected to changes across Tumblr which as I'm usually want to say isn't always the whole real world (and some issues there are just Tumblr issues) but it acts as a conduit for debate and the marking of what people understand by it as if we don't share that, then it becomes a fruitless exercise.

My main community on Tumblr has been fairly inactive as it's mod (and leader) for personal reason has been away for a good nine months and the second one is very active and one area of that has been working on is what the shared understanding of what that is because the community (Cgl/RE) came about on the back of an influx of age regressors on Tumblr and the thorny area of some folk  interacting with kink bdsm communities such as DD/lg and MD/lb and gender variants when they were under 18.

 The term "Cg/l" is a disputed one being used by some clearly as a gender neutral term for a DD -Dominant Daddy-(or MD) Lg (or Lb) and  Little which in bdsm circles 'little' mean submissive or totally subservient person in a relationship.
Some have used it a more as a paternal, non dominate and non sexual Caregiver and Little meaning the person being very much in child-like frame of mind and looked after more as an actual child.

I especially on Tumblr don't use Cg/l as a term because kink usage is more common place so it would be seen as that and so use Cglre to describe the relationship between a Caregiver and age regressor (little) because it is clearer there is no question of dominance, power exchange nor sexual services involved.

In face to face so-called real life interactions these important differences tend not to cause too much friction because people can sense what the context is and do respect differences.
On Tumblr that's very much another story and where people find things under key words called 'tags' a difference can lead to people being exposed to things they don't wish and in particular under 18's seeing or interacting with 18+ kink things. That's so not good!!!

That was why distinct Age Regression communities removed from kink/bdsm were established there to separate the more 18+ communities from those of us who love or for me certainly need to be in a more child-like age regressed  situation while acknowledging words can be a battle ground.

It was a part of the solution to the issue on Tumblr of 'minors in kink' and the many worrying things that could happen when adults in kink were mixing with minors as there now  was a  non kink sfw space available for them who found such regression helpful in dealing trauma and so on.

My involvement as anyone who has read this blog and interacted on line or even -gasp! - face to face knows has always been the second meaning of Cg/l  and ADULT paternal Carer/Caregiver to a Little child-like me and  so has moved to terms more clearly linked the age regression community in the years since setting up that tumblr.
It's one reason I align strongly to the Cgl/re community on Tumblr from its emergence in July 2016 and it is that community that is currently more active.

Cglre is now defined as:
  • A non-kink age regression community separate from cgl by making it age regression specific.
  • Reclaiming the terms “caregiver” and “little” as non-kink terms anyone can use to describe their regression and their guardians if they have them, meaning the one who cares for them in their regression headspace.
  • Age regression community open to caregivers and age regressors; as well as pet regressors and different roles with many new, sfw corresponding tags.
Cglre now has a stricter DNI policy as many of its members do NOT allow direct cgl interaction.
Cglre no longer equals cgl. It is not longer a subset of cgl, it stands on its own.

(Borrowed as is from @cglreregression block list post May 2018)

For me it's always been thus even in throws of much discourse mirroring the off line so-called in real life side surviving the three weeks of turbulence of the Care Bear logo'd community before that parting of the ways  I'll draw a line under.

For me the current understanding of what Caregiver Little age regression is a significant  step forward making clearer the difference between how we do things and how those in kink and its related age play do.

That's why getting close to the two year anniversary of CGLRE's founding  I find myself ever closer to that community online and its values across my age regressed life.

The management of online boundaries is often more problematic than face to face ones  and an active system of monitoring of community only tags and community blocklist for people who just won't keep their kink to themselves or insist on including you in it without any prior contact is a must and Cglre provides that to the point I had to use that last Monday.

Whilst I presently remain just very close  to Cglre on Tumblr unless anything were to happen soon, when you're at the point you act almost as if you are in a community, there comes a point I feel where it makes more sense to join, taking a part in it and I may well do just that.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Think Pink!

It's a new month so when I consider what we have talked about over the last one, we discussed music twice, nature and then the royal wedding so I thought I'd do something different.
We are at least officially in Summer so my thoughts are geared around things like next months few days away and looking through the wardrobe seeing what can go or maybe replaced.
 I can't speak for everyone but in the summer months one thing I can't get enough of is t shirts so this is one of a few I got recently because they slot well between presentation styles made from pure cotton.
They also tend to be easy to wash which helps so they go straight in the machine's pile and the across the washing line outdoors.
It's good to toss away the layers for a few months of the year and enjoy the fresh air and sun.
Also this week I recopied a few cds to my music player for better sound and art so when I play them on the go, it's a much better experience.