Monday, January 14, 2019

January round up

It's been something of a mixed week with being a bit busy with the build up to February tidying up the desktop of the old Windows laptop and things .
Apart from about six days of low temperature it has been a fairly mild winter here to the point that I noticed while out some of spring flowers had started to burst out of the school gardens I pass most days here and in fact going toward a patch of woodland, you can actually see the pussy willows and catkin out which was something always loved as a kid.

There has been some strong stormy days out mixed in this so apart from running my Tumblr account and visiting the odd site, I have been doing some colouring.
 No that's not a miracle, I do actually have fingers not that they work so well, trying hold that page down as I took a picture of it with an old camera lens mount in its box holding done a sheet of spare paper.
Yes, they are small fingers too so I have to wear girls gloves as groan up ones are too big!!!
The lambs were out this weekend as I walked past their field and their was quite a bit of activity on the bird front.
I did also redo some minidiscs one using an early edition of a title that sounded better and had another bunch of six brand new blank ones arrive here to keep me busy.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Tidied up sleep

It's a new year so naturally here we're talking down the decorations, the tree, the nativity scene ready for next plus the cards now are being sorted into those that can be recycled and those that cannot.
That just leaves the community tree that we carolled by still  up which I'm sure will be disconnected and picked up by our local authority soon enough.
It might interest people to know we spend a good portion of our time sleeping and for me also napping during the day so it was with that I had a new duvet as mine was showing signs of much appreciation.
I grow up (allegedly) with sheets and blankets on the bed but for a while now have had modern duvets which once you got the hang of putting the in their covers, aligning the corners are quicker and super warm.
 Pillows get a pounding with me and having a bad neck usually require frequent changing to ensure they get good support so I had a new soft one to replace the eider filled one I had that had started to go a bit flat.

This should help in getting a good nights sleep in that apart from feeling a bit less grouchy from discomfort also said aid relaxing more.

Monday, December 31, 2018

365 days around The World of Joanne Chan 2018 style

This last years has had its up and downs, there appears little point in not acknowledging that and sometimes even mixed in each other.
For one thing it was a year I did spend  lot more time out of doors observing nature, going on walks interacting more with people face to face getting more physically and mentally resilent even if it was also the year I came close to leaving this world in wooden box being seriously ill thanks to an infection.
It is quite probably that increased resilience coupled with with my treatment made a big difference in its outcome.
Fun times were spent at littles camp in February and July just switching off from adult concerns to just enjoying playing, having games and quiz's  and actually going on walks outside together enjoying the countryside.
One thing I'd like to see more of is just going beyond our immediate surroundings visiting a nearby town or attraction together.There's a world beyond four walls.
It was a year I listened more to classical music with a high proportion of it being bought on better sounding Super Audio cds often newer recordings but also a few carefully mastered older ones.
Collecting classical music is nearly always a long term affair as you explore not just all the works in a variety of genres by any one composer but also interpretations by various conductors and orchestras.
I hugely enjoyed the recordings conducted by Sir Andrew Davis of Gustav Holst's music  that goes so much beyond his ever popular Planets Suite for the British label Chandos.
It was also the year I upped the quality of recorded visual content with the addition of a HD Blu Ray disc player and replaced a number of dvd's with their much sharper blu ray ones not least my Studio Ghibi full length animes.
It's hard for some to comprehend the distance we have travelled from our adequate VHS tapes that lack really fine detail we had since the popularization of owning home video content in the 1980's , the advent of the dvd in 1998 and more recently the Blu Ray that's the same size but being able to store more data uses it to give some the sharpest images we've ever seen at home.
The year ended with the annual GHS bonfire and Halloween weekend party which was fun as ever and for me a delightfully little christmas.
Thanks for everybody the people in cglre/liltot, the asb's of tumblr, the furries of f.a, the g.t site and associated littles, the i.k chat and finally my bff for your contributions for making 2018 a great year.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas Edition 2018

The day is finally here and I'm out of my jim jams and into my pinafore dress and grey socks as we get to open this years presents.
The kitchen has been placed in Custardy as Mom is making custard by hand for tonight's trifle having tracked down some decorations go on top of the whipped cream while the Turkey Crown woke me up as it's smell wafted into my bedroom.
Starting this Christmas edition like last year made 'on the hoof', Elgar has always called with most my recordings being from the very late 1970's to the 1980's.
This newish acclaimed one, came out in 2016 offers two works I did not have and adds them in both stereo and surround sound in Super Audio cd quality (playable also in regular cd).
It will no doubt be treasured.

The Dandy is the always the Dandy, one a few comics I had as child and while sadly it no longer comes out weekly, it does have summer specials and this annual that stay with the original stories and indeed do even have reprints of cartoon strips from past years

One difference this year is I didn't get the Beano annual because there has been a big change in how the more traditional cartoon series have been drawn, in some such as Dennis the Menace written so he doesn't actually menace that messes up the whole backdrop to the character and a move toward so-called political correctness in the newer stories.
Instead I opted for this compilation issued to mark the 65th anniversary of Minnie The Minx  which consists of reprints of classic adventures as is which is a tribute to a heroine of mine.

I did however pick up the 2018 Christmas special edition which as 68 pages and printed more like a softback magazine.
lt fits in where I'd of had the comic editions across Christmas  where its a good example of where the comic is at today.

 Finally a new anime for me to watch in blu ray and regular dvd too.

And another but this one is just in blu ray.
This was a much talked about anthropomorphic animated film from 2016 that I had as a 'stocking filler' on Blu-Ray. I also had some money and vouchers.
We had a turkey roast for dinner and a Christmas pudding that I microwaved with cream afterward before I cleared the table and went off for a walk.
I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Christmas greetings

Another year passes us by and just eight days to go for the biggest bestest day for every one of us who's very much a child at heart with all that overnight anticipation.
Like most people I switch off during the period from social media as there's much to do here and with my folks who have more need for me to stuff to make Christmas happen than checking notifications on Tumblr and the like.
Then there's the great present swapping rituals that require me to be around when they can't to get everybody's things at the right locations so while I may just check it over, that'll be pretty much it.
Wishing you all a happy Christmas  not least my friends at tumblr, f.a. and g.t and all the best for twenty-nineteen.

The next edition will be out paw permitting on TUESDAY December 25th with live updates across the day.

Monday, December 10, 2018

More on the Tumblr purge

It's that thing again, nearly as  bad as the six  letter b  word in British current affairs you can never get away from.

lf only that were so things may not be so bad but there's other stuff going around connected to the use of Artificial Intelligence to save Tumblrs owners Verizon Inc money in moderating mainly with humans.
Adult Content as defined by Tumblr doesn't include age regression but it appears it is taking a hit where even outside of any relationship communities are being caught out by a system that appears to be ignorant of what it is banning.
The first one we talked about last time, flagging what the A.I. says is adult content no longer permitted that will be deleted unless you act.
The first problem is it is not integrated in the dashboard with an an indicator that you have any and the ablity to click or tap to see a list of flagged content but instead you are expected to look through your dash for it.
This may not be so bad if you have a few hundred posts but it you're like me with over 8,000 it's a nightmare because the flagging applies retrospectively to your posts which for means all the way back to 2013.
The second is the high error rate- Pikachu can get flagged as did the Pink Panther - and the delays in getting content reviewed by humans so a sequence of  posts is seen and published out of sync.
The other is something a few friends of mine alerted us to is seemingly some of us are being silent banned, allowed to post but not having our tumblrs searchable and in some circles even being unable to contact new people.
This means over time your interaction with people declines as older people leave but newer folk can't find you.
All right you can appeal and appeal but spending your time trying to watch your back of a A.I program that's hard to predict and waiting on such processes to be  overridden by actual people kills interaction and I dare say your enthusiasm to be on site.
I'm just not sure the anxiety issues this brings out with my real life conditions is honestly worth it.

Monday, December 3, 2018

The Tumblr Purge of 2018

One thing I did not anticipating have to write on the build up to Christmas is the 2018 Tumblr Purge that kicked off around November 19th that followed Apple Inc removing the Tumblr app from the iStore around concerns over child pornography that was found and access to adult content on a platform that allows it provide you flag it up as "Explicit".
Let's make one one thing plain before we begin:  sexualizing childhood, the posting of sexual images of children often arising from sickening abuse has no place at all in a civilized society and those that do post them are complicit on this.
Tumblr has every right to remove content, terminate accounts and  in certain cases hand over details to child protection agencies those engaged in it as they feel fit.
The problem here is there is no replacement for human judgement when it comes to what is explicit but lawful and what is not - it is what a judge in a court of law looks at in such cases - but because Tumble has a low staff to user ratio it uses algorithms often in the form of scripts to just take out anything that *might be*  automatically.
This seems to have resulted in a good many tumblrs correctly marked and tagged as explicit but lawful and permissible under Tumblr's rules being removed as they took out whole accounts rather than reviewing individual blogs.
That wasn't my main concern in writing this though it's the other things Tumblr is doing that come closer to home.
Age Regression is a popular activity, form of therapy and coping mechanism for people who suffer from traumas, mental illness and developmental disabilities with associated emotions.
In general we do more child-like things outside of that we cannot help such school, college, work and so  such as play, colouring, reading stories and hugging our plushies.
There are many communities on Tumblr devoted to this where people post coping tips, images they find calming, running clubs with activities and so on.
It is entirely non-sexual and any kind of carer role is paternal having non of Dominance and submissive side that applies to DDlg and its gender neutral CG/l equivalent.
It is by design minor friendly and safe for work being free from anything 18+. 
Tumblr decided to remove a raft of tags and that included amongst others that of the Cglre age regression community meaning it is no long possible to search by that tag for posts about that age regression community.
This means any minor who did search by looking under Age Regression risks seeing minor unfriendly posts and is less likley to find what they need.
Many of us of all ages have sent an open letter to Tumblr staff and support explaining what cglre is, how it helps us and why we feel they have made a mistake in regarding us as in any way sexual or kink related.
I joined in simply because a community we do not deserve it, we keep ourselves non-sexual, minor friendly  and take an active part in stopping anyone who would harm children.
We are therefore playing a responsible role in helping the site keep this material off it and yet they are lumping us in with it.
I do hope they reconsider this action and credit us with the responsibility we have shown and the care we take in helping each other cope with our traumas and disabilities.
In the meantime those of us in Cglre are voting on another name and main tag to use should  it prove necessary as having something that cannot be searched and is regarded by Tumblr as nsfw isn't helpful as much as we'd sooner not have to spend our time on it accepting too it is unsettling for people.
I'd like to thank Mod Kay for all her work on this.