Monday, October 25, 2021

Strange notions...


Rather an odd week so my mind is really thinking more about playing battle type games which my mates did and I did tag along although I will stress no child was ever hurt in the games we played back then and any kind of play guns we had were treated with respect as much as firing them was fun adding something to concept we'd come up with.

Girls most certainly exist when it comes to electronic gaming, being actually very good at it as much as the wannabe "Sid the sexist" types like to pretend other and be generally pretty boorish with it and in that world you can be pretty much anything you wish when it comes to species, gender and that.

If I was up to using a console I'd most probably play something like her, creeping around the undergrowth hunting down our enemies over playing a Magical Girl probably cos I could let off a lot of frustration that way.

Anyway week will be busy for the weekend. Boo!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Fall thoughts

This is no ordinary week sadly and there is much I can say that goes way beyond what this blog is about and will ever be about.

We are in throws of The Fall here which is one reason I have been about a fair bit of late determined to enjoy the last of warm low sun and that free spectacle in your local parks, playgrounds and woods which as damaged in parts as this area has been for being on fringe of a City Region we are fortunate to possess.

The glow of the forever changing colours of the leaves is vivid and yet a day or two later, you find them down on the grass in an expanse of golden brown carpet ever growing to the point eventually the trees will be denuded.

You might that is sad as it's usually followed by colder weather including snow but come the spring it all rejuvenates and that's what we look forward to.

Whatever happens in the awful adult news this week, just remember the good people have done and that the result of that good will triumph over all else.


Monday, October 11, 2021


Typically this gets typed up across the weekend unless I'm most likely to be away in which instance I'd try to do it before hand and if noteworthy I'd make the next entry about that event.

That way hopefully I keep this blog fresh which is at times a uphill struggle when you bear in mind how long it has been going trying to recall if you covered something and if anything has changed around it to the point revisiting a topic is worth while.

This last eighteen or so months has had lots of challenges and "zombie crazyness" in it and just as in some ways thing were getting a bit better for being able to see each other, travel a bit more and generally have more of a life we seem stuck in a world wide problem getting things to where they need to be and facing a energy crisis.

While all of this is a bit of a worry and some it's better to focus on what we can do and that is meet each others needs as people rather than the things we can't change ourselves, reaching out to anyone who appears to be struggling.

If you can, try to get out a bit and stroll, enjoying your surroundings, noticing what is going on rather being glued to your smartphone or laptop and talk with people even if it might be a simple hello.

Play games or do things that leave you feeling happy, content and are fun, ideally with others where you can which for those of us who are Smol ought to be easy but sometimes isn't and let your little person out.

Our wellbeing matters.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Would you liked to of been in an alternate world?

 It's been a rather damp sudden drop into Autumn here which has affected my ability to get out with torrential downpours and strong winds so it's been a relatively indoor kind of a week.

The kind of week you start to both reflect on things and imagine how things might of been as you read your comics and favourite books which with me is something that's a hangover from school recesses in the winter months.

Imagine if you could throw a switch that might not so much take you back in your time but rather on level where you'd be the same age but in a different era altogether where some things may be similar but others less so?

What if might of landed in nineteen fifties England in a property newer then than the one I'm in now of which in this city region there are a fair number between the all too conspicuous rows of two story terraced houses with big bay windows side windows and even a garden built from the nineteen twenties to the start of WW2.

The idea that we've moved up a little in our world would not be just reflected in what we might grow in our garden but also about getting a fuller education than our mothers may of had before being expected to marry and run the home.

A world that would include not a far bit of homework to do outside of our many academic subjects in a modern building and opportunities for sports as you formed friends facing the common enemy - the staff - and their rule book.

It would be an era where there were no teenagers to start with and you were still very much seen and treated as a child run very much by the grown ups who were likely to stick up for each other if you crossed them.

But on the other hand you could and still played a lot as much as you got that homework done the same sorts of games as you did only watching a film with friends with strict return time home compared to when you were younger.

That world would include things like school uniforms subject to inspection and had knitted cardigans and dresses galore before you became your Mom looking like and acting more like her.

How would you feel being that child then? 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Age ranges and you

It was a dull wet Saturday morning that I started to get to grips with writing this blog as to be honest I've always been a slow starter apart from finding blank pages off putting.

Hovering about from various places a few thoughts mercifully free from much of the groan up drama this weekend came together and really it is about how much of you really fits in one slot or is it that we're a bit of a mixture.

Given I come from more of a age regression/age dysphoria direction one of the things you do tend to see is people saying things such as as "Can I only be one age", some people may have two or more ages which poses questions about how they blend.

In my head I visualize it rather like the relationship between these two illustrations although they've tried to make them individual, as one gets 'older' you do keep parts of the 'younger' as your thoughts become more sophisticated.

You may find the younger side wants to play with the older even so to me rigid ideas about your 'little' or IK age tend not to work.

Another way of looking at this thing is to ask what is it beyond calendar years is age really about, with me for instance I know I'm limited cos of my developmental disabilities so rather than necessarily getting 'older' as in being more mature in some ways it is more getting better through more practice and experience of being at that younger age.

It's a bit like polishing something up, it gets better but is basically the same.

For me hovering around 12, letting out the younger spread of my developmental age makes more sense although that does mean there's more oversight needed from either someone who is letting their older teen out or around as the groan up rather than just letting me sit in corner reading to enable me to do that safely.

That helps me to learn from my younger side those bits that remain badly impacted though practise knowing I won't be allowed to get the point I'm out of my depth and possibly in danger.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Cuter and cuter

Week was warmer than expected to be honest so I have been out rather a lot not least in trying to recover from this bug apart from watching my usual tv shows after dealing with a duff piece of electric equipment that needed sending back for refund and reading the odd comic or two.

When looking at such a mouthwateringly cute display one feels like having the whole darn lot and quickly working that out at current exchange rates they're not that expensive.
I had some more flowers and so I took a few pictures of them.
There's something about a Sunflower that goes beyond the stamen and petals and that's the hairy leaves on the stems which are well caught.

Now for a nap.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Thoughts from this girls bed

 Lying very much in bed one can only dream of the adventures you'd of loved to had either in the past or to have in a restored past today with your temperature, achy body and a mind whose ideas are beyond what you can note down for future use.

There are some people who tend to say you can only have such an experience only with things of your own era in it and I would agree a lot needs to but when you think about it in going round the sun 12 times indefinitely might we not grasp some newer things as in effect our ability to be 12 is polished?

If you can add things like using the internet to what this means today, then surely to play games or watch tv shows that are for people of your 'mindset's age' can be in their as much as a the odd change in attire.

It's hardly a period reproduction worthy of a BBC drama series we are looking at just a space for you to be that eternal child of your age with much from it in there.