This is a topic that I’ve come back to during the period where I first started finding out about what being a little, specifically a little girl from a post childhood, adult position was researching it, joining, watching sites go or even deciding they were not where I was at personally.
That is why this subject of the labelling with associated issues of defining what being an adult little girl is and how that compares to that of being a sissy is an important thing for me.

I feel a little perspective is called for and so I will start with something from my own childhood during those changing times of the late sixties and early seventies where as every girl and boy knew, “Sissy” was the term term for a boy lacking the perceived virtues of being a boy seldom been seen playing with insects, climbing trees, having adventures being generally speaking a very timid creature.  The generally held view was this was because of too much Mommy input even by people in authority such as Teachers.

That word he was called, “sissy” actually came from sister and was used to address what wasn’t there –his boyish virtues – rather than what he was and it was this he was taunted with in the street and on the playground not just by boys but girls rigorously in the way that junior girls only can with that cutting tone of voice as they despised him more than the boys.

What is understood in online sissy culture is the point of being 'sissified' is more around an exaggerated delicate kind of femininity more centred say on  being  'effeminate', 'prissy' or a 'mommy's boy' and is often portrayed in terms of his sexual inadequacies in satisfying a woman  and switching roles with her. They are staples of 'sissy training' and associate literature.
It seems to me that what is really going on there is just a grown up version of the little girls ganging up on him, taunting sexually the wimpy boy. 

It ought to be noted ‘sissy girl’ really  is an oxymoron as a girl cannot be a sissy in those terms because she is a girl first and foremost and all these terms including ‘sissy girl’ were hurled at boys.

What I would say is over time because  many adult little girls had male pasts, some had become confused with sissified boys, a good number had accepted the term unquestionably to the point some had put the term ‘sissy’ in front of their first names.

There is a use of the term 'sissy' which is more around feeling more submissive which some may feel fits in with them. I have no issue with that, I just don't see the point in prefix your name in everyday online exchanges and the like.

There is a difference between effeminate and being feminine if one cares to get out ones dictionary and for me being an adult little girl has everything to do with my femininity rather than a lack of male virtues. 

It doesn’t surprise me to find that for many (not all) sissies, being a girl is about how you’re treated (dogsbody, slave) rather than how it feels to be a girl giving of the sweet signs of girl presence. Much of sissy internet culture does go with the culture of Female Domination (FemDom) and associated BDSM kinks.

Contrast that to an Adult Little girl who loves the feel of her dresses and skirts, cherishes her dollies that she plays with, loves doing things with her hair plaiting it, putting on Alice bands or adores tiaras caressing your hair sharing it with all her little friends. Sharing is a big thing, so you share food, games and watch animated films together for hours.

The conclusion I came to was I had nothing in common with the online  sissy world however nice as individuals members may be simply because the focus of my world had nothing to do with having any boy in it, it was about and being one of the girls sharing our lives together. Being a girl to me isn’t an insult and I feel it is insulting to girls to have our identity used that way by sissies and the FemDom community.

That is why I empathically state I AM an adult little girl and NOT a sissy
Inspired by Christine Daryleeane


  1. That is pretty much the attitude of most of the organized Little Girls. it being the case that we value ourselves as girls, and, being in touch with each other, we reinforce the sense of feminie as an active component of our lives

    However, even when I was not in girl mode, there were girls who were good to me and whom I liked and I disliked seeing them demeaned and considered as less than person s--Christine Daryleanne Paradise

  2. Hmmmm I quite like the idea of being a Adult Little Girl, and having used the epithet "sissy" on my name for quite a while now, can see where you are driving at with this, Joanne - it definitely seems to suit me better than being a sissy, as I'm not really looking to be dominated by anybody else or be part of anyone else's lifestyle either - just wanna be little me!
    thanks, Deedeesissy or should that be...DeedeeALG or Deedeealg (hmmm might just work!)

    1. Just plain "Dee Dee" would be all right since any thing else makes it self-conscious. Actually a full first name would be better since 'nicknames" are really for boys and our names are pretty or cute and femininie Christine Daryleanne

  3. It is obviously with you but DeedeeALG or even Little Deedee seems so much more you because you're a little girl because you 'want' to or 'feel' you are, not because anybody's made you be.
    Hugs, Joanne

  4. I used to converse with a number of members from GT at chat every Wednesday and Saturday. I stopped in 2010 as I was approaching an age when some of these things just have to be recognized as something that has to be put at peace and wouldn't as long as I kept talking about it. I loved everyone at chat and those I interacted with there and miss them, but still think I am better off not turning the issues over and over.

    What I remember in regards to the issue of the term "sissy" was a one-on-one chat I had with Karen, one of my old BFFs at GT, along with Bobbi Jo, Lizzie, Isobel, Carousel, and many others. Karen and I were the last on the chat that night when I protested the use of the word in regards to us. "I am not a sissy, Karen. I was very much a girl early in my childhood, and remain one in many ways today. I am a girl. Girls are girls, not "sissies." Of course Karen agreed with me.

    There is something different about how we view a lot of things with a feminine point of view about so many things. Let's face it, some things boys did and said were incongruous to me, as I am sure they were to you. Endless arguments about which cars are faster? When we are nine years old and never drove a car in our lives? It was silly and pointless. Often, I shook my head to myself, and, once watching a juvenile shoving match on campus, sighed while on-looking when a girl classmate I was standing next to asked me (as if I would know!) "Why are they doing that?" All I could reply was, "I have no idea. We should get to class." That was the big thing I learned interacting on chat and GT. I did not really understand everything boys did, or why they thought some things were important. Back then, I did not realize this, that boys were often a mystery to me! Learning that was extremely enlightening to me.

    Even if I didn't try, I think many boys "relegated" me to the world of girls, no matter how hard I tried to fit in, as it was "expected." In some ways I succeeded, but in others I did not, but one very important reality came to me just recently after viewing a long defunct Web site by a Catholic young man who admits to having a feminine world view. Women, girls, and those males that harbor feminine traits, sensibilities, or attitudes do not have many privileges in society, but the more masculine men do. I think that appraisal of things is correct in the main.

    1. Alicia! your name is just ever so scrumptious. Can we be friends?

  5. Something new that I have created. A DIY line of scented oil, spray and bubble bath with that little girl smell -- Christine Daryleanne

  6. I've written much on this so I will be brief. I fully understand. I am also ALG not sissy. I feel that the girl parts of my nature are some of my best personality features. People should just get to know themselves and be comfortable with who they are. That's what's important. Have a Happy Day! Liesel

  7. This totally nails it for me. That's why I have a love-hate relationship with the website CS, because even in the "nursery" most of the folks there are males trying desperately to find some form of acceptance and affirmation of their inner little girl. Many there do so in a way I find sluttish and therefore offensive. As an ALB or ABG I am at peace with who I am but still acknowledging that she needs a lot of love and attention, not just in the form of casual acknowledgment but in the form of my adult actually being proactive with both the little and the baby. For me this can range from allowing the shift from adult clothing to baby clothing (i own very few "little girl" outfits) to take place on occasion (usually a few times a week) to simply meditating on the inner visualization of her, or even while doing passive things around the house/yard where I might feel the subtle emergence of my little occupying my consciousness and allowing all three (adult/lg/bg) to comingle in harmony. From this I get a sense of wholeness that I would never be able to experience in any other way.