Friday, August 11, 2017

Playing the game at Jo's

Recently when I posted my last entry I kind of noticed two new followers, something that doesn't happen so often so welcome to one of the longest running active middle/littles blogs on the interwebs.
The focus on the life lived and one in your own way you can make for yourself as that person is one of things that makes this blog what it is although naturally this blog is very much middle/little girl centred.
In other words it's not a fantasy, the blog of one who may dream of a life but to whom it always remains so but is grounded in reality.
Thus it's not just the things I like to play with such as my dollies nor is about just what I wear or would wish to but it includes the very things that were a part of it so I may mention events, events that did form a part of currency of actual childhood at that time such as changes of Leaders and Monarchs, major events that we all watch and talk about.
Those things were and are still a part of the glue to holds us together that we have feelings we share just as much as we did when we played games or otherwise interacted with one another.
No, the thing that's not here is stuff for Big People such as political discourse, sexual content, violence (unless it affected children) and so on.
On a typical schoolday, we often talked about the former like if some leader had changed or about sports personalities as we played sports although like with dancing  most of mine were disability sports and wheelchair ones at that  too so it's hardly surprising that today in my age regressed life that when playing games like at the Sports Day picture at the top of this entry I'd do that but leave the other stuff at the door and this blog is the same.
For me, age regression is just about being me and when I sit typing this that's where each and every entry is coming from.

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