Monday, June 5, 2017

Thanks Ariana

Following the bombing two weeks ago today of the Manchester Arena Ariana Grande concert that resulted in 22 deaths, over 159 injured some quite horrifically that affect us all over here quite badly - in my district alone we had a fourteen year old fatality and a number injured - and resulted in the suspension of her European leg of the Dangerous Woman tour because of how it impacted, I am making this post.
Yesterday, a special all star charity concert featuring Ms Grande, Take That, Robbie Williams, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Coldplay  and others took place at Old Trafford, Manchester - the home of Lancashire County Cricket - entitled "One Love"  amid extremely tight security following Saturday nights terrorism incident in London.
This is to raise funds to look after the young people  and their families in recovering not just physically but mentally from both the incident but also how that has left them.
I sat here at home watching it with my cats ears on as did many of her young followers enjoying the performances some of which from artists I generally hadn't  much enthusiasm for but actually showed on a stage they could perform well such as Justin Bieber singing and playing with an acoustic guitar and for once seeing this was a concert that was for children, no bad language either.
Upon her arrival on Friday, with no prior publicity, Ms Grande, spent several hours visiting Manchester's Children's hospital were so many of the victims - aged from eight through to teens - were talking, having pictures taken with them and being generally comforted by her and her team.
Given how the incident had affected her, to do this must of been heartbreaking but she did it, bringing smiles to young faces that so badly needed it and contributing to helping them in time to move on.
All I will say is I am very moved by her response to this, to offer something that does help, for her being prepared to comeback putting together with the help of others this one off concert for love must and does conquer hate and division
Ariana Grande rocks!

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