Friday, June 9, 2017

Me votes by Marmalade

I dunno about this going to the polls business they keep on talking about at my house, as far as I'm concerned I'm in the lead of the popularity poll as everybody keeps asking about me although the other day I was accused of leading the other cats astray by holding out branch meeting of the 7th North Staffordshire Tom Cat Club branch out in the village park and sending everyone out to test the local bus service by walking them to our bus stop!
I have this strong leadership thingy that Mrs May talks about down to a tee-I just does it!- am as peace lovin' as Mr Corbyn and like Mr Farron believe in a referendum on the CHEW-IT negotiations as us cats must have the final say not the people easily brought off by Pedigree Foods.
All being well they'll buy me some fish tomorrow when all the mice have finished counting and the results declared or maybe de-cleared as I scuff the lot!
Until next time, M

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