Friday, June 23, 2017

Hot Summer Musings

I can't speak for everybody but blowing on a Dandelion head and making wishes is something that I can recall from my actual childhood apart from making daisy chains during the summer months and actually that scene sat cross-legged on the school fields pulling them with the girls and making them has just come straight back into my mind this last rather hot week over here.
His furness has been demanding to come in all of the time from where our meadow flowers are even bringing two birds in which I wasn't too pleased about especially when they're baby chicks.
I did get down in record time yesterdays pots and pans from teatime too
I've redone some Mp3 copies from cd as I wasn't so happy with the original way of converting the full cd quality of the original discs to the smaller files I was using at the time.
Until next time...

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