Monday, May 1, 2017

Mayday edition 2017

Over here in Great Britain, it's an official holiday so the banks and government offices are closed even though many shops will open not that in my district you'll be able to get to them as the buses are not operating!
 One things I do associate with May is Maypole dancing which is an ancient country tradition around much of Great Britain, sometimes performed by adults but often by children especially in Junior School (8 1/2 through 11+) where set to music we weave the individual ribbons together, at least in theory, as anyone who did only to find one person was out of step soon found out!
This is a lovely countryside animal drawing that shows the technique rather well and where I had my 8+ through 11+ education was in the country so we often went on nature rambles bring bits back with us for the teacher to lead a discussion of our findings and do some project work.
Before I forget, thanks for the 21st follower for doing just that and for other people that started to read this blog for the first time.

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  1. May pole dancing with music accompiant was a camp event some times :) JG