Monday, May 8, 2017

Because we're equal...

I noticed this while doing some research for blog of mine and it kind of got me thinking actually.
I'm not big on Meme's but the point of this one connects here which is all to often everyone assumes all you do is both being a clothes horse, preferring to talk about what you're wearing rather than what you're doing and that somehow "All girls wear skirts".
Well that ain't true as a big number do wear pants and shorts (plus odd creations like culottes) as much as I love skirts and dresses for a host of reasons that may include practicality mountaineering in a frilly dress would leave you very cold and rambling in one may result in getting caught up in hedges.
While I like playing games in  a more traditional top and gym skirt, I'm not so sure playing soccer in the winter in skorts is much of an improvement over football shorts to be honest if you ever played on a muddy field!
The bigger thing is we can were what we actually prefer, what we feel comfortable in and we define ourselves our looks.

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