Monday, February 27, 2017

Are we still standing?

Looking very much at this picture taken whilst away, I do wonder how much of this is left since Storm Doris came down on Thursday causing major issues across Great Britain not least here in the Midlands where one person was killed by a flying wooden object in Wolverhampton, another was seriously injured just down the road in deepest Stoke and lots of trees and vehicles were blown all over including three trucks on the A53 near Flash, North Staffordshire.
I noticed the tree near the Royal Wolverhampton School that I have travelled past a good number of times was blown down too along that most attractive section of inter urban road.
Considerable disruption was felt across road and rail transport across the region with services from Birmingham to Crewe more off than on with nothing running to London throughout that day and into Friday.
A structure I know well in North Wales, Colwyn Bay's pier was badly damaged where it juts off  into the see ripping the girders out too.
Nature is a very powerful force and I hope nobody got caught up in the storm.

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