Monday, January 9, 2017

Fur footed edition

I've been a bit busy with the tumblr this week and as  I type, I'm still very much at it so I thought I'd pull away from that and get around to this weeks entry.
I did mention about having some things at Christmas  and these were the fleecy booty slippers I had from Mom which are a snug fit being UK size three through five  and I'm a five having relatively small feet and small paws too!
They're not to be honest big in support like a traditional plimsoll type usually is which is what I was brought up with but they are as warm as toast once on you.
On the Tumbling front I've been working with my BFF on why I couldn't see the "Archive" button so you can all your posts and edit them where it turned out nor could she and I couldn't see the about page which as far as I was aware was set up correctly.
It turns out something was wrong with the themes so resetting it to default and reloading the details seems to have cured that as it was  starting to do my head in.
The changes around early December on it will be staying for the foreseeable feature as I don't see things returning to how they were and subsequent events have shown I have no desire having moved on to even act upon it.

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