Monday, October 10, 2016

My Adventures Part Two by Marmalade

I had quite an adventure on Thursday that I'd like to tell you all about.
You see the day had began rather early on when that Grumpy came down at just before Six in the morning to let me out cos I sleep in the front room at night with my mice and Joanne's stuffies.
I had some beef in jelly for breakfast with a bit of water before I was let out for the Tom Cat Clubs morning session through the front door.
I started on my way turning left along the sidewalk as I was being observed but then they went back to bed.
I came back about a quarter past six that night with everybody saying "Where have you been?" as I climbed into the window frame looking rather sheepishly at Joanne and everyone else just as they were about to have their tea.
I somehow got stuck in house like theirs but guess what? It wasn't and with the turn of a key that was it, unable to get out and worse still missing out on the ham and chicken until the house people came and opened the door. I was really scared!!!
I rush for it being dead hungry like and that's where I came on Joanne's window
Joanne had hobbled about our estate looking for me but being inside a house there was no way she'd ever of found me as did the others.
I'm glad to be back home now.

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