Monday, August 29, 2016

My adventures by Marmalade

 I 'ad quite an adventure on Friday that I think you'll love to read about although you may feel sorry for this blogs owner afterwards.
It was Friday evening and I'd had me tuna in oil for supper when although I'm meant to stay in overnight I decided to make a dash or it, pawing at the door until it opened wide so I dashed all the way up the stairs.
Joanne had seen me but it takes her time to get up with her disabilities so I was well away as she shuffled one foot then another up the stairs looking for me so do you know what I did as she had got halfway up the stairs?
I run all the way into a bedroom hiding.
Joanne had spotted I moved so checked the bathroom and then this bedroom when I just leaped on the bed followed by another deep down a narrow dark gap underneath it just staying there dead silent.
She couldn't get me nor could I get out as there things underneath in the direction facing the door so she had get help clearing the way out but I wasn't for moving even though people were concerned about me.
It took over an hour before I came out.
She's been poorly for a good couple of days afterward with being worried about me and struggling to help me.
Regards, Marmalade.

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