Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer day out

Saturday was a little different for me in that rather than studying, I went out for the day not least to get away from all that political stuff that has been all over the news for the last ten days or so which I think has had something to do  me feeling generally flat.
We started out from our local pub parking lot at Nine o clock quickly travelling through Sandbach to join the M6, then the M53  Wirral motorway, travelling around the outskirts of Chester before  getting on the A55 which is the main road for coastal North Wales arriving for just past Eleven o clock.
We were not sure what to make of the weather as it had started to rain near Knutsford and again over the Halkyn Mountains near Ruthin but as we got toward St Asaph, the sun came out really bright. It's kinda funny how much the weather can differ within a few miles.
We arrived by Eleven o clock so I went for a cup of tea as I was feeling a bit thirsty even though having felt a migraine coming on I had gotten through a carton of apple juice  with my tablets I take to control it.
I wandered around a few shops afterward before meeting up with Grumpy to go to Tribelles for a Haddock and chips lunch which was very tasty. I opted for the 8oz fish as that was plenty big enough for me.
I've know this place for years and while a few years back it went through a period of stocking so-so fish, its current owners really have brought it back as a premier fish and chip restaurant getting fresh fish in and cooking to order.
In the afternoon I wandered around taking pictures, watching Codmore's traditional non pc  Punch and Judy show, shouting with the mainly young audience at naughty Mr Punch and playing on the beach. Grumpy went to groan up places and read a book.
I went into the HMV record store and bought a couple of cd's, had they of had a lp I'd wanted I would of bought it from them and actually they had a reasonable lp selection in stock which is testimony to it's increased popularity. They had no blank tapes or micro sd cards in though.
We did have one brief heavy shower around a quarter past Three so I went into a small shopping arcade and looked at some paintings and prints for sale while  sheltering from the rain but it didn't last long so I was able to outside and have a mint chocolate chip home made ice cream avoiding the "flying rats" aka seagulls.
I like ice cream heaps.
We all assembled at Five PM to get back on our coach greeted in by the driver with a very strong North Staffordshire accent while next to us was a Hill's coach from Wolverhampton whose driver it has to be said would be better understood by me!
We went back a slightly different way via Tarvin, Barr Bridge and Crewe before being dropped off by our pub just a few hundred yards from home tired but very happy from being away from stuff that takes me out littlespace.

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  1. yay, you had fun last weekend, i can not wait to see you and give you a big hug in a few weeks. :)