Monday, July 25, 2016

Study aids

Today's entry will be my my last one for this week as I shall be away for a period with no computer and in any event a somewhat shaky internet connection.
The last two days were study weekends with a bit of a difference as they were all English language looking at spelling and writing styles  for different audiences such as using informal and formal language to alter the tone.
I got 90% and 92% on both units which was pretty good as my spelling as a bit touch and go and while I'm not bad at writing formally, something I had to in the workplace, the more informal, personal sort is harder going.

As you know I do study and that studying involves Math so I need a basic Geometry set and this the one I currently have that comes in a slip case.
 On the reverse of the slipcase there is a an illustration of what is included  in the set.
 When you get to pull it out of the slip case  you have an aluminum  tin that keeps it all together in a simple, traditional way that also is very elegant.
 When you pull it open, in the lid you have a school timetable you can personalize while on the reverse it has information on weights and measures and this is wrapped around a stencilling kit.
As you can see we have the time honoured, rule set square and protractor couples with a compass, pencil, erasure and pencil sharpener that all fits neatly.
Personally I think this is a great basic set you can add too later on.
Because I do quite a bit of colouring too I did pick up this Staedtler heavy duty two slot pencil sharpener as I find myself needing to resharpen them to help keep my colouring neat.

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