Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend lessons

Well after that weekend off studying and not the previous weekend being able to write you know what happens: Resumption of studying this weekend tackling the outstanding English work taking our time so I don't over do things but equally I am not allowed  to get away with not doing the things I can do.
 This last two weeks has seen me work on symmetry and shapes in Math and punctuation together with how to write interesting sentences so they hold the attention of reader not sounding very samey.
The last week I got 90% in the math unit and 87% for the english which doesn't surprise me as I do struggle thinking of different ways of expressing the same idea and the notion of active sentences is not something I'm familiar with.
My ability or at least how I feel about expressing myself does impact on my poor self confidence, often feeling unsure about if people are following what I'm saying and what if they get all wrong?
Between things, I wrote a short story for and about a group of friends in the way I one would of been 2013 here around a fictitious school and an incident in the day of the life a group of boarding school children.
At least one person was quite impressed with the sentence structure and language used in telling the story so there's a direct practical application of the formal lessons I have been learning this last six months.
The more informal side of this experience deserves some comment.
 It's always been easier to sit around not doing things either expecting an exemption, or because those who might of expected anyone else to  seem to think I shouldn't to the point they never really saw what I could do because they never had me try it.
So for a very long time my default was to do nothing and in so far anything like studying went  if it wasn't going to be easy then plenty of people would just let me do next to nothing even while it may of hard going, I could of done something more.
That's really thing that is changing both with the studying having to do things I find hard, coping with flare ups of some of my conditions which consideration is given to and even being with people where I am expected to help out, contributing in kind that people are helping me turn around those old habits.
Thinking over how I have dealt with my recent paw problems plus my more recent visits staying with people underscores this so much and I'd like to thank everyone who has and is helping me move on cos it's time I did.

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