Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday musings

I dunno about you but I'm feeling low on energy and general enthusiasm this week that seemed to start last weekend prolly connected with all the EU referendum stuff which takes me out of my space little/middlespace not least when near enough everything on the tv  seems to be about it so it was probably a good  a think I was in bed for nine on Thursday to avoid the hours long wittering about it as the results came in.
 Going by what I'm seeing something like this is really what the responsible adults are needing right now to clear up the mess both with the EU and their own political parties and this is so cute you'd want to take it for a walk, play style.
And play at this minute I think is what I'm needing I think as role playing where people go missing isn't very satisfying which is one reason I've usually preferred forum based activity cos at least people can come back to it whenever they can so you don't get the big pauses outside of actual RL meets.
I did write another short story this week which was fun on the continuing adventures of a group of school children at a private boarding school.

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  1. I'm a chronic introvert and terrible communicator, so also prefer to talk in forums - the few times I've used IRC / chatrooms, I've tended to ignore the window and do stuff elsewhere because (a) I don't like starting conversations, (b) I don't like intruding on existing conversations.

    Meanwhile, Dougal mop! :)