Friday, June 24, 2016

Meet Rory

Phew the week got warmer as the days went by so the arms were bared taking care not to get them red and it was the last week of the more groan business of the Referendum where you play at placing the X on a piece of paper.
It also was the week of the Royal Cheshire Show not so far away from where another Plushie was rehomed from a store.
It's not nice being an unwanted plushie discarded so some kind individuals get the all nice, cleaned and tidy and put them up for adoption.
His Gingerness was originally called Ginger but I much prefer Rory referring more to his big cat spirit being full of life able and willing to Rawr! to his hearts content which being with me he sure will together with Morse Moose and the rest of the gang never mind Marmalade and his many Nya's.
Talking of which he's in disgrace as brought me a dead Blue Tit the other day and I prefer my birds alive and well.
Final word, whatever was said during that groan up business don't let it get between your friendships, we can be bigger than that.

1 comment:

  1. yay another stuffy resuced. :) great name for him. now where is my hull city scarf for the kitty. :)