Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A weekend away

I'm just starting on writing this, an account of sorts of how this last weekend went recovering from the excitement as well as the heat of the last few days.
For me, time spent in little/middle headspace is time well spent simply for being me with this weekends adventure beginning with catching  the local bus to  get a connection to our principal rail station on which I consumed my packed lunch as I would be travelling across my usual meal times.
That made sense as I had some time to kill as the bus and trains don't quite tie in so well so I though I might as well check the destination boards, confirm which platform the train is due in and get there.
My train came in on time which London Midland trains usually do so I got on board with a case and two tote bags enjoying the ride through the new section of track at Norton Bridge which is helping with line capacity before arriving in South Staffordshire.
Why was I with two tote bags I hear you cry?
Hmm this was connected mainly with the second day which required food to be transported not my dollies and plushies because there was no space in the case for all of that!
Here I was met the the person who looks after me and we set of on foot through the busy town centre with its street stores calling in a shop and the market before getting into the car toward their home.
Having arrived I changed into my grey pinafore dress and had on my red and white stripped tie where I helped with the gardening, had fun out of doors and generally socialized enjoying our local butchers Pork chop and vegetables.
Sunday was the day of the Ikklespace picnic as organized by the great fantastic Sammy which generally involves a lot of bring various food  such as sandwiches, pies, cake and sausage rolls together with soft drinks to a well known view in South East England to share between ourselves and teddy bears.

We flew colourful kites competing with some massive model airplanes or venue users had, ran around blowing bubbles the size of clouds on the thermals, something I just loved, building massive plushie piles sometimes over people, a few played an acoustic guitar (How about playin' Birthday from "White Album"?) while we marked Sammy and Jessica's birthdays.
The weather was very sunny and hot-suncream sure was needed - and several bought ice creams no doubt to help.
Because we needed to get back early we didn't return to Sammy's home so travelled back via Dudley before we made a drink before having a salad which for me was locally sliced tongue as much else really would of been too much.
On both nights I was in bed at a sensible hour for me because I tire easily and this management of it is very a part of my life  today.
I was up about a quarter of Five Monday morning to catch the six-twenty train to my local rail station before taking a taxi back home for a little after half seven in the morning.
I'd like to conclude this by thanking 'Miss' for looking after me, everybody  at the picnic for bringing fun with them because it was what we all needed.

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  1. well you did have a great day for the picnic and i am glad that i got to see you as well. huggles samantha