Monday, May 9, 2016

May study weekend

I don't actually know where to put myself today as the weekends events have left me feeling very different about me (and some of this will go elsewhere), what I can do and really about my life so far in.
As well all know, the one big difference this year with the exception of days when I am truly too unwell to work or away on meets such as Camp, my weekends  are taken up with something deliberately challenging.
Two days of concentrated study where I pretty much have to work on just that, sat at a desk, in uniform with no distractions working from the study guides with just fixed recess periods with no dawdling, back chat or refusing to start being accepted.

This weekend has seen me work on my English looking at how people who write stories try to draw you into the character, getting you to think you were involved and learning how to compare and contrast different texts on the same subject by style, language, use of humour and summarize any differences effectively.
I had set questions to answer on it and I managed 90%.
Sunday after breakfast saw me start work on the great Basic Math revision test going over the whole of the unit from addition, subtraction, long multiplication and  long division (makes numbers look more like snakes and ladders!), formulars, factors, square, cubed and prime numbers and ratios.
That's because I now have Area to get to grips with as the next unit in my studying and you need to understanding these more everyday concepts first.
It also involved knowing how to use a calculator correctly and paper/mental arthritic!
Now this has been marked at...92%
I even got the formulas and long division right  it's so unlike the me I knew, who flunked Math spectacularly at high school not that there are not good reasons why I struggle with it but more the leap in the argument that starts by saying "She'll struggle" moves though "Won't achieve" and finishes at "It doesn't matter".
It doesn't say "Is struggling", "Will help her to master it" and "We will put our foot down if she doesn't make a honest attempt at doing it" which is really the difference now in my life.

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