Monday, May 2, 2016

May Bank Holiday edition

It's a May Bank Holiday and I have things to be doing today not least a few things for the local community which at least keep me fitter than if I didn't  even if the weather as ever is all over the place.
Charming considering this weekend people in part of the North-west Midlands are out celebrating 1000 years of the history of Staffordshire which in its original form is the home two large urban conurbations at its far ends and was ranked as the fifth most populous County in England.
From Flash to Enville and from Gnosall (but sadly have they have no Gnu's) to Uttoxeter it is a country rich in contrasts, countryside and industrial heritage.
 In Lichfield, the county has a most wonderful cathedral.
 This is a oldish picture of a lovely woolen  plaid tartan pencil skirt the bigger side of me likes which you don't see much of on this blog.

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