Friday, April 15, 2016

We have more to say

Hello there peoples we'd like to say a few things this today after making our appearance last week.
 With help of the boys and girls on Ikklespace, I am no longer called Rabbit but has a proper name which is Maisie which I think is important cos I've a fursonality all of my own. I mean you wouldn't care to be called just Human would you?

After a bit of thought our owner, Jo called me Millie cos I believe in the right of bears to have emotions and a conscience that people should respect, that all creatures are created equal being treated properly and that plushies should have lives respected. If they're not, you're stuffed!
So in a way I'm  an important bear cos I remind Jo of what matters the most in life and the sort of standards she should keep to to be the best girl she can (and I think she's getting the hang of doing more of that!).
I know she saw this as drawn by TheLatestKate on Tumblr the other day and really that's the thing she know expected to do like don't  give up, don't think cos she struggles with her difficulties she can't try to do things and just give things the best shot she can.
Do try to help her.

Regards Simba, Maisie and Millie

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  1. cute name for your two stuffie's jc, i name most of my bears. heck i can have over 100 names for the little bears that i have in storage. yes they do see me for a short while.