Friday, April 29, 2016


How many littles are there out there?
You often hear it said "there's more than you might think" and certainly there have been places when it was obvious to me some one was even if they didn't realize it or engage quite so openly in expressing it.
I can remember the first time I discovered a works colleague I spent a few years working very closely who shared much of the same traits as I do skipping up and down the corridors like a couple of kids high on candy talking about our favourite cartoons, stuffies and so on even though we were super good workers and we had a caring male supervisor who was a bit more like school teacher to the two of us.
Equally sometimes we go online and find their are people who do share much of what we do who wouldn't see it that way being more an adult hobby or interest even if it may of started as a run on from their own childhood and it has a clear link to their sense of having an inner-child.
Sometimes it seems to me I see more littles away from what I'd call niche sites set up expressly for them in other communities where there is more around being more 'child-like', regression or other kinds of persona or even fursonas talking away about much the same thing as I an many others in our own unique way are doing while certain sites and even events may struggle.
In 2016 it is hard to escape all embracing social media be it all purpose such as Facebook or Tumblr (although I don't regard that a substitute for full on blogging) or adult sites such as Fetlife for making contact with others or even just knowing what's happening in your State or Province as that's where information is being increasingly posted although the public nature of it may not be ideal for anything personal and easily identifiable about you to be posted that may impact on family relationships or your employment.
One thing is for sure the World I encountered online in the early 2000's is very different than todays and places need to adapt to changed times.

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