Monday, April 25, 2016

Being an Edwardian Girl

I find the past interesting not least looking at past fashions at our local Museum's  in this bit of the Midlands and little girl fashions is one subsection of  that.

Sears of Chicago, Illinois had this to offer in 1914 what Britishers would instinctive call the Edwardian era cos they define things by the Monarch on the Throne but I think you can spot some timeless elements like the collars, relative simplicity of the dresses and the Ribbon in your head, something that's making quite a comeback over here in the UK in the last few years.
The Bloomers look really charming!
Meanwhile, this side of The Pond  near the end of World War One, you can some complete outfits it's the frocks * and head wear that get my attention like the Straw Hat, like I've never worn one in my entire life.
I could just picture meeting a group of similar attired children at a Summer Party out of doors back then.
The Edwardian era was one of change of styles from those that went back toward the 18th Century to after 1910 when the more streamlined Sailor based look came including navy Gym Tunics which remain a part of schoolgirl uniform today.
The site link below is actually pretty interesting for documenting those changes and even has colouring pages to print off and colour!
(*=In the form of English they speak here, a Frock is a woman's dress or gown)

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