Sunday, January 12, 2014

Skirting around the issue

Oh my brain hurts from a migraine but here goes.
It's not often I talk much around gender identity at least in part  because I've known mine for eons so it's kinda old hat to me plus I got tired of snarky debates around who was really what what in various trans forums because to me I'm just that-me, being me. I mean, if it said girl on my birth certificate you wouldn't  care.
Also as a number of you have actually seen me for real, you know cos you sensed it, we didn't need to say anything.
Overlooking the wrong uniform colours, this could of been so easily me had at the age of ten had I had been allowed to wear a skirt to school and I still can't see what was so wrong with that idea. Gee, I always draw myself as girl back then, something the psychologists I saw for other issues did pick up on so why the heck not?
Ironically some schools from time to time attempt to ban skirts today!

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