Monday, December 30, 2013

Another 365 days in the World of Joanne_chan

Phew! Where did all that time go this year as it seems that so much happened, some of it unexpected so as we see the olde year out here's a few reflections on it.
First things first, I established my own Tumblr for odd random stuff , which surprisingly got quite a following for something that doesn't hide it's alg side, has lead to some interesting conversations and in its own way is breaking a few stereotypes down.
I also started the Pre-blog series of past memories from notes connected with being  trans and alg typed up very much 'as is' that are about things that lead to my later life and the Blog proper.
Thanks to every  at GT, Ik, FA and Tumblr for your support throughout the year.
Before I forget, I have updated the odd  "Favourite site" link, like Karla's too.
I enjoyed quite a bit of music this year aided by cheap re-issues of box sets, a number of good new specialty re-issues and thanks to the lower prices older specialty discs go for thanks to bad state of the economy, got a good number of otherwise too expensive titles by artists I liked issued many years ago.
Thanks to iTunes, I was able to get otherwise not available digitally UK Rolling Stones titles including on a number of them booklets in extremely good sound.
I visited a number of places this year, having a whale of a time, not least Llandudno where I drifted very much into my little side as well as giving me much needed rest from the stresses of home life.
Perhaps the biggest thing for me personally came at the end of the year where I presented for the first time to group of people not known in 'RL' whatever that is including those raised as female from birth, as my little girl self and they just accepted it without question. I was rather nervous about it - groan up trans sites often make a big meal out of 'passing' - but I just felt I belonged with them, carrying myself being able to engage freely as me
That for me was progress.
This leads me back to meeting with Jennifer and Susan locally, spending time with them plus Andi that lead up to the GHS Christmas party where I met so many others and their partners, none of which I'd of expected to have happened this time last year.
So in many ways it's been a momentous year that I feel sets the tone for this upcoming one, spending more time face to face with you, going on adventures and -gasp- having a life!
Here's to 2014.


  1. It was great meeting you Joanne, and I look forward to seeing you again in February :)


  2. That is a great picture Joanne.