Friday, September 6, 2013

The Queen of all resorts

As explained on last weeks entry that was published here's this weeks entry. 
I was going out for the day with over 100 people from our part of deepest Cheshire on two touring bus coaches. Fortunately for me Mommy came too which was nice as we both rather like this particular seaside resort which we got to using the M6 motorway very near us, changing at Lymm for the M56 Cheshire/Merseyside section passing Runcorn where we finally joined the double lane  each direction A55 through North Wales.
Having arrived in Llandudno coach park, we walked into town for a drink before meeting with friends for midday meal. I had plaice, garden peas and chips which is my want being a catgirl and they were really tasty, I can assure you. Neigh purrfect.  Llandudno is very flat, something that those of us with physical disabilities do appreciate as it's much less tiring as was being easier if you use walking aids or a wheelchair.
Mommy and I went around clothes shops, in drug stores looking at cosmetics and a gift shop where I got a Bunny in a lovely pink frilly dress.Eat ya heart out, Fudge!
It's an unfortunate fact of life that people get lost,  injured  or even die of our coastlines so we have a non for profit organization - the Royal National Lifeboat Institution - who operate craft such as this to help rescue people.
Being on the coast many trips are run during the Holiday Season one of which takes you all around the Coast at Llandudno which having been on it, gives you a very different feel than you would on land.

Many of the towns buildings date to the Victorian era where this seaside resort came very much into it's own aided by good rail links from the Midlands where we are as well as North west England. This picture shows you the beach which is sandy with children playing on it and yes I played on it too!
This boat jetty is frequently used by people who wish to walk on out into the sea. In the background toward the right you'll see the "Little Orme" and the small town of Craig-y-Don well illuminated on this bright late August afternoon.

"Judy!' screamed all the children and me as Mr Punch pictured on the left of the puppet show goes to attack her baby as she lives it to get Mr Punch's dinner that comprised of Sausages. Mr Punch gets his just deserts later on in the performance for assaulting Judy and PC Plod. It's enough to say he won't repeat the offence again.
We all loved the performance of this traditional and decisively non politically correct seaside children's entertainment.

Did you know you can go down a Rabbit Hole here? This town is very proud of it's links to Lewis Carroll of Alice in Wonderland fame.
Here's an overview of the famed pier with childrens rides and amusements featuring a Hello Kitty car but unfortunately I couldn't fit into it as it was too small.
We returned in the early evening climbing up the Halkyn Mountains, passing Preston Brook before coming off the motorway to our lovely town of Sandbach.


  1. Joanne

    Llandudno always seems like an idyllic seaside town to me. Unspoilt by the over-commercialisation that many such places have suffered over the years with an over-proliferation of amusement parks.

    The relatively recently restored pier is a little gem.

    I wish I'd been there with you :)

  2. You must have had a wonderfully good time Joanne! It makes my heart yearn to visit such a beautiful place by the sea being landlocked as I am. I think it's remarkable of the kind of girl you are who appreciates such a fun filled day at a resort while also being grateful by mentioning coming home to your own "lovely town". I'm positive you know how fortunate you are because it shows in your enthusiasm for life, the way you treat others with kindness and respect and making happy adventures for yourself like this.