Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday in the park

Stardate August 3rd 2013

Susie woke up this morning, yawning as she washed and got dressed ready for breakfast at 8AM for today was Saturday, a day when school was closed but nonetheless home tuition was on offer for she and her friend struggled with French in Form 1EB of St Mary's, a high school for girls in Nuneaton, in the English Midlands. Aunt Joan insisted upon it and as Joanne's parents, struggling to meet the Term Fees also were rather concerned with Jo's grades had kindly accepted Joan's offer to pay, at weekends she was to stay the night there.

This naturally meant Joanne was subject to Auntie Joan's very strict rules, far stricter than her own parents ever would be although secretly she longed for some clear boundaries. Like Susie she had to put on her full school uniform for Miss Winters, the French tutor, making sure everything was properly fastened and that her shoes were spotless.

After three hours of verbs, completion of sentences and reading aloud where Susie was warned that persistent giggling would be reported if she didn't stop that very minute, they tucked into Fish Fingers, peas and chips followed by Chocolate Moose being accompanied by Auntie.
Joanne asked if they go out for the afternoon to the park as it was a bright sunny day. "Yes certainly" said Auntie Joan "but you really must be back for Afternoon Tea" she added before going on to say "On no account are either of you to get involved with rough boys otherwise you'll have me to answer too".

They both got changed out of their uniforms for summery dresses with short white ankle socks and flat heeled shoes and took a couple of books out with them to read resting their backs against the bark of the trees whose foliage provided much needed shade that day.

Walking back at a quarter to four they were just on the path leading to The Lodge where Joanne saw Ice Cream van and started jumping up and down saying "Go on, let's have an Ice Cream each" but then realized she'd left her purse behind, not that there was much in it. Susie turned around and said "Look, I have some money on me  and I can always earn a bit more on my paper round to make it up". With that Susie bought Joanne and her a 99 each with two chocolate flakes and strawberry juice which thay ate skipping back to Auntie Joan's just in time for Cucumber sandwiches, scones and tea.


  1. Yes Joanne it's very good. I can't wait to see if you write more with these characters.