Saturday, August 31, 2013

A chance meeting

Today I'm off for the day so I'm preparing this entry so it can published while I'm out so I'm going to have to be super careful to proof-read it beforehand.
Earlier in the week something happened that had been talked about before with  attempts to arrange it  made only to be dashed at the last minute.
In the long long history of my being a little once I even founded out what that was, I had never  encountered others face to face and indeed it had taken a lot of time to find others online joining sites to even have any kind of virtual encounter. I'd met with a number of 'mainstream' Ts people face to face in caf├ęs making arrangements via PM's on site but that had been it.
Well, following talk at a couple of sites plus emails, it happened our First former was going to be at the Head Girls at GHS and asked in chat about meeting up, something that I had been thinking off but following a severe four day migraine that had left my mental functioning seriously  impaired,  I wasn't able to think much (it also caught me by surprise)  but said I'd give it some thought later on when I might be better.
 Following some emailing, we decided this would be a workable meeting up point being easy to find and leads on toward the local canal and recreational amenity area as it wasn't far for me to go plus was the kind of place I'd feel more at ease talking in. It also was a place in area the First former hadn't been before.
Having gone for a short stroll we found a relatively secluded place where we could talk about our histories of being littles,what we got out of it, general life experiences which for me includes work background, experience of being disabled as well as being Ts. It didn't take long for either of them to spot my obvious North American accent and quirky pronunciation aided by Canadian rising although most of you are kinda used to my Can-E written English.
The Head Girl talked about the four letters in the name lg meet ups within the UK, explaining what people do, the structure, locations as as other social events that happen with illustrations inquiring  if it would interest me. We also touched on the differences between the UK events and those held in the States. 
Although much of this year is planned out with me, being away for a period where I can be little in the company of others  does appeal because I like being around others in addition to playing especially as it was explained you could do whatever you felt was right for you being based around your 'age' or interests even if it may be that I'd be looking at stopping over with someone part way there because of the time it would take to travel and how tired that can leave me (being really tired travelling across London isn't a good idea) so it's on next years to-do list as for that matter would be paying a social call or two to the Head Girls as I could get a train to the nearest rail station to GHS which is just at the far end of the County due south of me and there are times when overnight stay, something not a million miles from a sleepover is more what I'm needing not least with the issues with and between my family. I just need to be away from that stuff.
It seems to me more possibilities for just being myself are opening up since encountering everyone at GT and IK some two and half years ago.
So as in real time as you read this I'll be playing somewhere - see the next blog edition for more - I'll conclude by thanking the First former and Head Girl for coming on over to see me as it was a great pleasure to actually see and be with them.


  1. Joanne i am so happy for you. You are making very big steps that I could not do due to my shyness. I hope that you have a good meeting with the first former and the head girl. Oh how one wishes one could get together with other school girls but It is just beyond my capabilities.

    One again I am happy that you are progressing and meeting with others


    1. Hi Joanne

      I am glad you enjoyed yourself in meeting us both

      Jennifer (Head Girl Lr 6th)